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Find out what it means to have a qualified English-German translator translate or proofread your document and that it needn’t cost the earth. You’ll find details on my translation and translation proofreading services from English to German or German to English for both business and private clients.  

My name is Johanne Ostendorf.  I am a qualified English-German translator and a native German speaker based in the UK. I pride myself on delivering a personalised professional service that is reliable, cost-effective and delivered on time … as I have done since 1994.

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Translations English / German

The translation of a short business email or the translation of a very personal letter are both important to you. So are the contents of your website or your dissertation, your company brochures or your autobiography. For all of these translations you will need a competent and reliable translator to convey the message and style of your marketing materials or capture the “feel” of your personal document in the other language.

Please see my client comments under Testimonials as well as my English-German Project Examples.

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Proofreading English / German

You have had your company website or other important business documents translated but how do you know for sure that the translation is free of errors and that the style of the translation matches your source documents?

You have written your dissertation in your second language but you are not sure whether you overlooked spelling mistakes, phrased it eloquently enough or kept a consistent style? I can check your translation thoroughly for you. Better safe than sorry!

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Translating for Businesses / Agencies

The difference between an average translation and an excellent one is little in terms of cost but massive in terms of benefit. A top quality translation will not only get the message across properly but really makes you look good.

Each translation, whether it’s a single email or the translation of a whole website, is an opportunity to impress customers or clients who speak a different language … and that translates into increased sales.

Services for business clients

Translating for Students / Private Individuals

Maybe you are a student who needs to deliver an eloquently phrased accurate assignment or dissertation in your second language? Or perhaps you are a pensioner who wants to keep in touch with extended family abroad that doesn’t speak your language? Or again, maybe you need to prepare a wedding speech in the language the relatives of your son’s bride are speaking?

I can give you a professional English and German translation or translation proofreading service for all your non-commercial needs at a price you can afford.

Services for private clients

My emphasis is on partnership – not just service provision!

You need a professional translation service? Are you looking for a reliable business partner? Just drop me a line and get a quote!

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Translation Services

Cost-effective professional English and German translations for private and business clients that really get your message across.

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Proofreading Services

See exactly what is being recommended with professionally tracked and commented translation proofreading as well as a clean version to use.

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Agreed Deadlines

You can rely on me to deliver the translations or proofread translations we have scheduled together by the date we have agreed.

Targeted Audience

Professional proofreading and translation styled to the nature of your target audience for better effectiveness and easier reading.

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Personal Account

You get a client account with your preferred terminology so all your translations or proofread translations are consistent.

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Complete Confidentiality

You deal directly with me and all translation or translation proofreading projects are carried out in strictest confidentiality.

German Translation Services

The translation of a small text of only a few words in a business email or the translation of a book (e.g. a novel) of several hundred pages from English to German is a specialist professional activity. So is translating website content or translating a dissertation. In the translation of company brochures, computer games, business letters, resumes, applications or even a simple personal letter I use the same professional skills but adapt my approach to the type of document I am translating and the target audience for it.

German Native Speaker

To get the highest standard of translation a translator usually translates into their native language and I guess my surname gives mine away! However, I also undertake translations into English. In order to be absolutely sure that the finished German to English translation is as good as my translation into German would be I have all my English translations proofread by my qualified English partner. In fact, this “double act” can turn in a better result than a German-English translator since a native speaker is working on both sides of the job.

“Our German distributors are impressed with the quality of the translations, which made us very happy.”

~ Kovit J. Monshouwer (Managing Director)

“I was really fortunate to come across your website - I suppose it must have been fate!”

~ Oliver (Student)

“I am truly indebted to Johanne Ostendorf for her professional competence as well as for her empathy and intuition.”

~ John Koch (author of “No Escape“)

“The couple were delighted with the words, the guests full of praise - “every word mattered” was a frequent comment.”

~ Andrew (Interfaith Minister)

“I remain completely convinced that my decision to use your services is the right one.”

~ S.M. (Student)

“You have become a highly trusted and respected translator for our company over the years.”

~ Emily (Translations Manager)