Proofreading Services

We all know that nobody is infallible and a translator is no exception. So it is a good idea to have a translated document checked through by an experienced translation proofreader to ensure the English to German translation is not only free from errors but also that the style as well as the sense of the source text are matched in the translation.

Why proofreading?

A translator can have a choice of many different words or expressions when translating a text. Apart from being fluent in their second language, the translator must be attentive and creative in their first language in order to choose the right expressions for the translation that match the style necessary for the target audience the translated text is aimed at. 

This is where my English to German / German to English translation proofreading service comes in and it is something I do quite a lot of. Some clients have all their translation projects proofread by me – just to be on the safe side!

Picture: German English Translations
What you will get

When using my translation proofreading service you will receive two documents:

  • A “tracked” version highlighting all the changes and corrections I made with relevant comments as to why these changes were made if applicable
  • A “clean” version ready to use

Screenshot of Proofreading Document

The other side of my translation proofreading service: Proofreading by a native English speaker: To ensure an eloquently phrased English text with a consistent style tailored to your target audience every proofreading of an English text I undertake will undergo a final proofreading by my qualified English partner to ensure that the finished English document is of the same high standard as a proofread German text would be. I compare from the German side and he compares from the English side to arrive at the best version.