Translations for Business Clients

I can offer you my comprehensive service in translating a wide variety of business documents such as marketing materials for various purposes, website contents, company brochures, commercial correspondence, market research reports, staff training manuals etc. from English to German. Each assignment is carried out according to your specific requirements.

Got commercial texts that need translating?

  • Whether you need the translation of a few-thousand-words document or only want a business letter or a short product marketing text translated;
  • whether you want to extend to the German market and need a German translation of your website content or of your company brochures;
  • whether you enter into a business project with a German company and need a German translation of your contract or need to know the exact wording of their German contract;
  • whether you need to understand and to answer to an email from a potential German client or want to contact a potential German client in their language to show them that you value their custom;
  • whether you need a German translation of a series of tourist brochures or of an article about your hotel and the sights in your area;
  • whether you had your website content or sales literature translated and need to know that it is correct and reflects the style needed for your target audience
  • or you need your dissertation translated or proofread to achieve your career objectives…

…I can offer you a personal translation and proofreading service tailored to your needs, which is fast, efficient and handled in the strictest confidence.

German to English Translation Service

Being an English to German translator who is a German speaker I mainly translate from English to German but if you need a translation into English I can offer you a German to English translation service as well. In order to be absolutely sure that the finished English translation is as good as my finished German translation would be I work with a qualified English partner who – as part of my proofreading and translation service – proofreads and optimises the final translation to ensure an eloquently phrased English text with a consistent style tailored to your target audience – at no extra charge.

I charge a rate per word and for large assignments – documents with more than 8,000 words – I give a quantity discount. For more details see pricing.

Picture: German English Translations