How to use my proofreading service

I pride myself in providing a personalised service for businesses and private persons for proofreading existing translations. All proofreading work (of translations from English to German / German to English) undertaken is treated in a strictly confidential manner and conducted in close cooperation with my clients. The more I know about your requirements the better my completed proofreading of your translation will match your needs.

What I need from you

Please don’t worry – there’s really not a lot to do! I have divided the procedure into three easy steps. Please click on the individual steps and you’ll get the information.

The client sends either the entire translated text that needs proofreading or (if it is a large document, e.g. a book) some characteristic sample pages and the original source text for the translation for quotation, usually by email nowadays, so that I can have a look at it.

This allows me to establish the nature of the text and to estimate the quality of the translation, i.e. whether it is a good translation that only needs a few spelling/ grammar corrections or whether some sentences need re-writing and the style needs to be improved which is more time-consuming for a proofreader. My proofreading fee is normally based on a rate per word provided the text was translated by a professional native speaker and is up to standard.

I prepare a quotation for the translation proofreading. The quotation is free of charge and usually provided the same day I received the translation to be proofread.

For this quotation I will need the following information from you:

  • Word count of translated text to be proofread
  • Deadline for the proofreading
  • Target readership / use of the translation to be proofread
  • If applicable: Client’s specifications regarding the text (e.g. text format, style of existing marketing materials I should take into account, delivery of proofread translation, e.g. as an email attachment etc.)
  • Your contact details

My proofreading fee is normally based on a rate per word provided the text was translated by a professional native speaker and not by a translation software. This is normally based on a rate per word (£0.03/word – discounts available on large projects), provided the translated text was translated by a professional native speaker and is up to standard, i.e. just slips, typos, omissions and punctuation errors to be correct. However, if the translated text was not translated by a native speaker or a translation software was used then the rate needs to be negotiated.

I treat every enquiry in the strictest confidence. If you should decide not to use my proofreading service the source text(s) and translated document(s) you provide for the quotation will be deleted.

What you will get

It is all well and good having a translation proofread but don’t you want to see what has been corrected in the translation and why?  This then gives you more information to make your own final decisions.  Tracked and commented translation proofreading is the answer.

If you decide to use my proofreading service you will receive two documents:

  • A “tracked” version highlighting all the changes and corrections I made
  • A “clean” version ready for your use.
Screenshot of Proofreading Document

Part of my proofreading service: Proofreading by a native English speaker. To ensure an eloquently phrased English text with a consistent style tailored to your target audience every proofreading of an English text I undertake will undergo a final proofreading by my qualified English partner to ensure that the finished English document is of the same high standard as a proofread German text would be.

My focus

Here are some of the areas in which companies, organisations or private individuals have asked me to apply my skills:

Icon: Marketing Translations


  • German Proofreader of translated Marketing Texts
  • Translator / Proofreader of Tourist Brochures
  • Website Content translation proofreading
  • Staff Training Manuals
Icon: Academic Translations

Academic & Technical

  • Proofreader of Dissertations
  • Literature including editing, translating and proofreading
  • Proofreading translations of Market Research Reports
  • Proofreading of Subtitles

Icon: Personal Translations

Private Documents

  • German translator of personal letters. Proofreader of translations of Personal Letters
  • Proofreading of Private/Official Speeches
  • Proofreading of School Essays