Our Agreement

This section forms the basis of how we can assist each other in ensuring an effective business relationship and how you can order your English to German translation or proofreading work.

What you can expect
  • You can expect the services of a professional business person, not just the skills of a German translator or proofreader, who will guarantee strictest confidentiality and the security of your documents.
  • You can expect that providing the project specification is not changed or original documents amended or changed after commencement of the work then the finished proofreading or translation will be delivered to you by the agreed time and according to the quoted pricing (click here for pricing).
  • You can expect that you will be informed of any ambiguities in the text to be translated from English to German or existing translation and consulted on your preferred option if a number of options are available.
  • You can expect that I shall undertake a full rigorous proofreading of my completed work before it is sent to you and that you and your work will be given the same professional treatment regardless of whether this involves a small letter or several large brochures, books or manuals.
What you need to provide
  • The text to be translated and your deadline. For lengthy documents please initially send a sample of 2 or 3 pages, plus a note stating the total amount of words to be translated.
  • A short brief on the intended use of the German translation and the target audience (e.g. general public, office staff, family, directors, technical staff etc).
  • The number of different documents involved and the word count for each document.
  • Whether there is a special format required for the German translation or whether it is to follow the same format as the English version.
  • Whether you can supply a glossary of technical terms in English or German for the document(s). Previous translation work in the same subject area can also sometimes be useful. I routinely carry out terminology research as part of a project but supplying this information can cut down on the time spent on this side of the work and I can deliver earlier.
  • Please consider the timescales you are working to and allow as much time as possible for the translation and proofreading work as this will provide more options if there are difficulties. For instance, if a translator’s work has been particularly poor and the proofreading takes longer than expected. It is recommended that when using untried translators you employ them to produce a test piece for validation by me before committing to employing them for the English to German translation.
  • If you are not using my English to German translation services on a regular basis you will not have an account and will need to settle between 50-100% of the quoted cost of the work in advance. After completion of the first project you will have a customer account and 30 days credit from invoice date.