Giving a speech is quite achallenge unless you are quite accomplished at it as part of yourprofession. But giving a speech in a foreign language is really awhole different ballgame! Firstly, you want your speech to bephrased as eloquently as it would be in English. Then you want to beable to pronounce the words correctly and with the right emphasis sothat your audience can easily understand what you are talking about.Don’t worry; I can help you with both these tasks!

Special mp3 Translation Service

This is a service that has been highly appreciated by my clients. If you use my translation service for the English to German or German to English translation of your acceptance speech, inauguration speech, after-dinner speech, award speech, public speech, business speech, society speech, annual dinner speech, chairman’s speech, best man’s speech or wedding speech you will not only receive the translation but also an mp3 recording of that translated speech in the language it was translated into – free of charge

This translation recording will offer you the opportunity to practice your speech in the language that is not so familiar to you and will give you more confidence when you are delivering your translated speech in front of the audience.

It all started a few years ago when a group of London actors not only needed the English to German translation of some commands shouted by German soldiers but also asked for a guide to the correct pronunciation of these lines. I thought it would be best to send them an mp3 file of me speaking the lines for them to use in practicing the German commands. Together with the German translation I sent them the mp3 recording and they were delighted! 

I decided afterwards to enclose an mp3 recording with every speech translation I do for a client as part of my translation service or proofreading service free of charge. Sometimes a client drafts a speech themselves and needs it proofread but the same applies as if I had translated it. To give you an idea what you will get there is a short recording you can listen to of the following text translated into German:

Image: Soundwaves (mp3 Speeches)

Translation plus speech recording

Dear friends,
 We are here today to celebrate the wedding of my dear daughter Amy and her husband Lothar. Please excuse my being so nervous but it doesn’t happen every day that a father has to deliver a wedding speech … and even worse, to deliver it in a language that he normally doesn’t speak at all! I hope that Lothar’s family and friends will enjoy this English wedding and also my German speech! When Amy and Lothar first told me that they wanted to get married I thought immediately what a lovely couple they would make and what lovely grandchildren I will probably have one day…”

Wedding Speech Recording (excerpt)

Please click on the arrow to listen to the translation recording.

So, if you need to deliver a speech in German or English why not try out my English to German / German to English translation and mp3 service and see why my clients have been so delighted (have a look at their comments!). 

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