German to English translation of a Chinese student’s CV and application for a university place

I got an offer! Thank you and your partner a lot again for your help!!!

Dear Johanne,

Thank you and your partner so much for your help!!! I am sure that it is very good! Then I will apply today. I will let you know if I got an offer! I just transferred the balance payment to you!

All the best,
Ping Q.


Some weeks later I received the following follow-up email from this Chinese student:

Dear Johanne,

I am sorry that I didn’t write to you earlier and let you know how the decision has been made by the Newcastle University. However, due to exams etc & summer holiday I almost forget that. Anyway, I got an offer!! Not for this year but for the next year 2011. I have accepted the offer. Thank you and you partner a lot again for your help!!! If I need any help in the future, I will be glad to come back to you! 🙂

Best wishes
Ping Q.

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