Wedding speech translation plus mp3 recording

Thank you so much for making my life much, much easier!


As I said in my earlier mail, the files have arrived safely, and although yes I have Mac computers, they can open Word files, but how clever of you to bear Mac use in mind.
What a wonderful job you’ve made of the translation! That together with the MP3 recording makes for a superb package, thank you so much for making my life much, much easier. Once again my thanks for the quick turnaround, I can spend this afternoon practicing and then again on Sunday.

It was fascinating for me to compare my provisional German text with yours, which only made me realise a) how long it has been since I last used (good) German on a daily basis, and b) how glad I was to get in touch with you!
After recording and playing the speech back I realised that some of my Black Forest accentuation is still with me, and I shall have to cut down on saying “gel?” now and again! But old habits may die hard, and when in Rome . . . . .
Your intonations are just right, though one or two will be a tad more emphasised, to make it easier some elder members in the family to realise a point has been made.

Thank you once again, and I’ll let you know how the speech was received.

With my heartfelt thanks,